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Using the wisdom of nature, works of art inspired by the natural lifestyle are created.  Zen Home Art is dedicated to designing and making quality objects to create a harmonious and warm aura of your home. Each object is handmade, with love, and simultaneously vibrates at the same positive frequency. No two items are identical, but created with the same philosophy, each one will be impressive and captivating. Create a pleasant, calming and attractive atmosphere in your home with modern design or gift someone something different.


The gifts of nature in their individuality can never be directly repeated, but in addition to existing works, Zen Home Art is open to new ideas and/or suggestions, which are then elaborated in detail until the final creation.

"The forest was silent... Only the golden leaves of the birch danced a little, bathing in the rays of the sun..."Without light there is no life. Bring the light of nature into your home.

"How can you get lost in the forest? All the trees are different!" Small details are vital.


Look, choose and order.

"A tree is not only branches and leaves, but also the shadow under the tree and the sky through them". The perfection of nature is in its unique diversity.

"Thank you for the wonderful work! It enriches the space and brings nature closer to us who have already forgotten how perfect she is."

Lorena and Jura, Zagreb

If you are interested in a product and you want to buy it, visit our Etsy Shop. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email.

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